Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We're still alive

Yes my blogging disappeared for quite some time. I got rather sick and it took weeks for the doctors to figure out what was going on. Then a couple of weeks of medication that made me feel about as bad as the illness but was working. Thankfully I'm getting back up to speed and building my health back up again.

The ironic thing is most of the illnesses I've had over the last many months have actually been due to seeing doctors and the prescriptions they'd given me. I'm really hoping to stay clear of doctors for a while but that just depends upon how my body continues to get better. Oh, and I've found a new doctor- one I feel I can trust better!

I don't have photos ready that will come as my blogging gets back up to speed but we've been busy since I'm back on my feet.

Everyday I'm taking the kids on a walk with me. This used to be a bit of a pain but I've discovered its actually easier without the stroller. We walk slower and don't cover as much ground but its good for the kids too. Oliver has had some complaints but looking back we've seen some cool things since we've been walking. Day one we saw a baby bird that let us get rather close (no touching though), day two we saw a real snake, thankfully dead, but not something we see around here, and today we saw that someone in the neighborhood has horses! I hadn't seen that before, concerns me a little though. I wonder if they have enough room? (I don't know anything about horses except that they're beautiful animals.) My hope is that each week the kids will be able to go a little bit further and keep up a better pace. At first I just thought the little ones couldn't handle it but then I remembered that the pioneer children walked and walked and walked. Yes the little ones had breaks and for mine it means a short ride on moms hip. So good workout for me. :)

So some might have heard I have a fun new toy! Well its more than a toy its a hobby and a business investment. I've purchased a long arm quilting machine. Its big, bigger than I expected. I measured everything out and knew where it would fit but my mind never really calculated the volume of the machine and frame in that space. It fits. It just took some getting used to seeing! Its really fun and the quilts are starting to flow in. I've have two quilts to practice on made by friends for charity and even a friend brave enough to ask me to quilt a special quilt she's put together for a family member. I've been quite surprised by the response I've had with telling so few people about my machine. Now I just have to practice so they're pleased with the results.

Off to go quilt and enjoy the sunshine!