Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well we've been busy!

Evelyn had a birthday and was just beaming the whole day.  She was thrilled to be called to the front of the primary for them to sing to her.  I was behind her but a number of adults later told me how thrilled she looked to have everyone singing the happy birthday song to her.  She was the only one to have a birthday that week so it really was just for her.

Spencer is almost fully toilet trained! Hurray!  He'd been pretty good about it but at one point decided he just wouldn't ever go to the bathroom at all, not even in diapers.  So while we weren't having accidents like with the other trainings, we had to do a lot of backtracking to help him along.  Once he decided he was ready he did wonderfully, even through the night!

Oliver has been recognized twice in the last month at school.  He was recognized for being one of the  most improved students and second for being a good citizen.   I think every mother wonders how her children behave when they aren't around.  I'm proud (and relieved) to hear that Oliver is kind and respectful.

Chris has been looking at going to graduate school.  Jobs just aren't available and he hasn't been able to find a high school right now willing to help him in an alternative route to getting a teaching license.  So he's looking at a Master of Education that would also provide a track to being a licensed teacher (since his education wasn't already in education). 

Me we'll I'm busy too.  I'm trying my luck with sourdough bread.  So far I haven't been successful but the dough that never rose rolled out to be tasty crackers.  I just purchased some new fabric over the holiday weekend to recover my sofa.  We've not only worn the fabric that's currently on it but completely worn through it.  I'm a little baffled by how quickly that happened since the kids aren't allowed to run on it or anything.  Its just been used plenty I guess. I'm excited to see the new fabric on it!

My camera is charging and my next goal for my posts is to get some pictures going again. :)