Friday, August 7, 2009


Evelyn came up to me today and said "Mom what's that girl with the wiggly hair? What's her name?" Well being that we were the only two people in our family room it took some thinking. Who are you talking about? She replied, "the girl screaming in the bathroom?" Well that wasn't much help. "Mom, you know the one like me!" I still don't know what the one like me meant but I figured out she meant Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter book we've been reading. She was referring to the scene with the troll in the bathroom. So every time she asks about the wiggly hair girl I know what's going on but it was confusing at first!

Yesterday was one of those bad days that does't seem to be bad for any reason. I was just kind of in a rut, mad about life in general but really had nothing to complain about. I kind of put some of that behind me and went to do my visiting teaching. I was just going around the corner so walked. I got to the house on the corner and saw a dog rush out at me. I didn't even see the dog until it was a couple feet from me. I froze hoping the dog would go on but it didn't. Normally this doesn't bother me too badly (depending on the size and breed). They're curious and just check you out and move on. Well I guess my presence in front of this dog's house was offensive to him because he never stopped to sniff but went right to biting. What a shock! I pulled my arms up close so he couldn't bite them. I remember thinking "He's not letting go! What do I do?" So I screamed for help. The dog's owner came running out. I don't know if the dog let go when I screamed or when the owner came out. It all happened rather quickly. Thankfully I was wearing jeans and the dog got more grip on my jeans than my leg. I came out of it more shaken than injured. The dog didn't break the skin but you can see teeth marks and bruising where he got me. I hate to think what this might have looked like if I hadn't had pants on.

I didn't want to report the dog for neighborly reasons but felt I had too. This is the second time I've witnessed this dog attack. Ironic thing is both times involved my family. Their dog had come down to my property and when the dog became aggressive my dog protected us by counter attacking. No one wants a dog fight but the kids were in the yard. Better the dogs fight than a dog attack the kids. The mail lady happened to be there too. She knows my dog and to help my dog took a swift kick at the not so good one. She ended up being bitten too. Both times this dog attacked without being provoked. The last time was at least a year ago and we hadn't had problems until yesterday, other than aggressive barking anytime you walk past their fence.

We didn't press charges but did allow for the police to make a report and go talk to them. Even if we don't press charges a citation might be given if its happened x number of times. The problems only occur if their dogs get out which isn't typical. That said I am worried about the kids. What if my kids had been with me! What if the kids were out by themselves playing? There are lots of kids that play out on our street. So yes we reported the dog in hopes that our neighbor will be more careful. Like I said we don't have issues with these neighbors just their dog. I hope we don't have to come to issues.

I was shocked after the whole ordeal. I was a bit wound up all evening and didn't seem to be able to get much done. My family didn't mind since they got to eat pizza instead of what I'd planned to cook. All I could think was "This has been one crazy, awful day! You have to be joking! This isn't real!" I found myself laughing a couple of times because it was all so bizarre. But I woke up this morning and the marks are still there. So it really happened! Thankfully today is better, and I plan to steer clear of that house for a while. Kind of keep an eye on their fence too.