Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving fun

This was one of the most fun Thanksgivings we've had. I don't know what was really different about it, maybe nobody was sick or that the kids were old enough to play without constant supervision so I got to enjoy conversations with adults. There was enough food but not the over zealous load there usually is so maybe I wasn't dragged down by the turkey doze either. It was just nice.

My grandmother is frequently giving away stuff. Sometimes you get something wonderful and other times your eyebrow raises questioningly. I was just letting my sister-in-law know that she was free to do what ever she wishes with the generous gifting including a D.I. drop off when I looked in my bag of stuff. My stash included a yogurt maker. I guess she heard that I was making yogurt so this was a great pass along. Second a stack of magazines. I 'm a sucker for shiny pictures! These are always an adventure. One of the last stashes of magazines had one from the month my husband was born 29 yrs ago and no we didn't keep it. The last two items in the bag had me rolling on the floor. Two pairs of used little boy undies, one tighty whitie and and second pair Spiderman. I'm not sure if she though they were ours of just figured they were about Oliver's size. Thankfully they were too small so there's no guilt in telling Grandma we tossed them out.