Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Picture a Summer

Chris and I drove to and from Utah to Arizona for a friend's wedding.  Counldn't get over the landscape.  I had to be an adult to finally appreciate it.

We started our crazy kitchen remodel as soon as we got home.  It took a few months but was worth it!

Before Pics:
(the before oven)
(faux wood counter tops and tiny sink)

And now...

After:  Full size oven and all the storage you could want, including an appliance garage.  No more appliances left out on the counter.  They are all hidden.  I think my favorite item turned out to be the pull out garbage can.  My dog can't open it! We finally out smarted the dog!

Nana bought a trampoline.

Spencer turned three.  He loved this cake.  Yep its just store bought cupcakes and donuts stacked.  These are treats we don't really buy so it was something unique in our house. Sometimes simple is best.

May I introduce you to Super Snake Man.  Spencer's interpretation of a superhero's super tight costume is just writing on himself with markers.  The face, arms, legs and belly are all involved.  Lucky for us Super Snake Man is a good guy.  Word of obvious advice, don't take pictures of behavior you don't want to encourage.  I've had to confiscate all the markers for Super Snake Man's repeated offenses.

We've already had our first trampoline injury.  Our trampoline has a net enclosure to help keep the kids from falling off when jumping.  Now that enclosure doesn't work if you walk on the trampoline frame outside the enclosure.  That's what Oliver did, nothing wild, just fell off the side on an out stretched arm.  Snap! Broken bones.  It was one of those brakes that makes your stomach flip flop when you see it, obviously broken.

Evelyn was pleased to wear this cute blue dress.  This dress has a history.  It was smocked and made by my Grandma Patsy for my mother to wear when she was this size.  It was found while rummaging through a closet.   These pictures are in Grandma Patsy's garden. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

An unusual case of helmet butt

A few games of hose head. (see Family Fun's Website if your curious)

A hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon
Sticks, no way, gun and bow and arrow
A little rest

All in all a fun summer!